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Stem Cell

What is stem cell

stem cell are unspecialized cells that have two properties :the ability to differentiate into specialized cells and the ability to self renew. Under proper condition , stem cells the undifferentiated blank cells, begin to develop into specialized tissues and organs.

stem cell Property

1. stem cells are unspecialized 2. stem cells are capable of dividing and renewing themselves for long periods 3. stem cells can gives rise to specialized cells . The signals inside and/or outside stem cells trigger this differentiation

Benefit of Fetal stem cell
1. Antiaging On thing is : certain cells become progressively damaged over time and die Thus , replacing aging cells whit new ones,
such as through stem cell therapy, holds great
2. feel strong and fresh
3. anti-inflammation
4. improve memory
5. improve mood, good sleep, anti-axiety
6. improved immune and product white blood cell
7. Enhanced sexual FUNCTION
8. Improved Appetite

Live cell therapy uses the same principle as the human stem cell therapy. Instead of extracting stem cell from a human placenta,
live cell therapy starts whit the selection of specific organ cell from an animal fetus, bred specially for this purpose.

Price starts from 50000 B