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Body Treatments
Therma Slim

A breakthrough body contour treatment which combines detoxification with massage. Virtually painless, ThermaSlim is a non-invasive treatment that delivers an RF current (0.3 - 0.5 MHz.) into areas with excessive fat, creating an internal thermal increase. This in turn activates the collagen of the tissue, as it penetrates deep layers of skin in order to rapidly beautify the body and face. This procedure, also known as Hyperthermia, activates blood flow, increases metabolism to liquefy and disperse fat as well as cellulite. It’s Capaci-tive Electrode Transfer function using insu-lated electrode creates an initial drainage and its Resistive Electric Transfer function using stainless steel electrode completes the treatment.

Hyperthermia has been well-known since the 19th century as an inflammatory therapy. In recent years, it has been adopted as an effective cosmetic procedure that can successfully treat cellulite and con-tour bodies.

The application is totally safe and relaxing, making you feel like you have just under-gone a body massage. Results can be seen after the first session, although maximum benefits to eliminate cellulites and fat deposits can be achieved through undergoing a treatment program between 10 to 15 sessions that can be administered daily.